fit.test: a better way to do STEP tests

A multi-stage step test that is individualised and does not rely on faulty heart rate recovery methods

Many exercise professionals prefer STEP tests to assess aerobic fitness (VO2max) for their clients. There are many published test protocols, with the best known tests being the Queens College Step Test, the Harvard Step Test and the YMCA 3 Minute Step Test. There are THREE major problems with all of these tests: (i) they rely on heart rate recovery to assess fitness: the faster the HR recovery, the higher the fitness (examples of where this falls apart is any client taking a beta blocker or other HR modulating medication or has a pacemaker or has an arrhythmia or a conduction defect); (ii) the step heights are fixed and so taller people are advantaged over shorter people; (iii) the tests are all single stage (i.e. one fixed intensity of exercise) and so it is impossible to get a range of effective exercise intensities for programming.

fit.test solves ALL of these problems


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