Customising RUN tests for your clients

Olivia, we’re going to do a personalized exercise test on a treadmill, we’re not using look up tables or published protocols. You will start off walking, then gradually progress to jogging and finally running at a speed that will be at fairly high intensity for you.

This is a test designed specifically for you, so we’re going to start at a level you can start easily. Now we’re going to start at a level equivalent to very, very light exercise intensity and each minute we’re going to increase the speed a little and see how you go. Towards the end of the test, we can keep the speed constant and increase gradient each minute until we reach our stopping point (either fatigue or you have had enough).

We’re going to keep going up to about hard or maybe even very hard. I’m going to measure your heart rate and record your work rate (speed and gradient) on the treadmill each minute and input that into the program.

So there’s the first level now = 7/20 RPE (rating of perceived exertion; 6-20 point scale). So what level are you at now? I’m at 9/20 exertion level. 0/20 is OK, so that’s very light. 

Going to the next level now. And what level are you at now? I am at 14. So it’s getting fairly hard. What level are you at now? I am at 15/20 now. So we will stop the treadmill now and then go into recovery. OK, well done. 

And we’ve estimated your aerobic fitness to be 39 ml/kg/min which is very good for your age.

We will be able to prescribe exercise based on your test and prescribe for cycling or walking or running. Thanks for volunteering.