Best aerobic fitness test

Best aerobic fitness test

Many exercise professionals have asked me for advice on which aerobic fitness test is best suited for their client? Are you confused? Which one to choose?

There are literally hundreds of aerobic fitness tests available. I had the same problem and decided to develop fit.test for my own practice that solved alot of problems. fit.test uses a SINGLE GENERIC APPROACH that builds in all of the following benefits: test protocols that are INDIVIDUALISED, SAFE, RELIABLE, COMFORTABLE, EASY TO USE, EASY TO REPORT, SIMPLE EQUIPMENT

Some very commonly used approaches have serious problems

  1. Single stage protocols (e.g. 6MWT): it is virtually impossible to estimate VO2max accurately from a single data point such as distance walked in 6 minutes!
    • fit.test uses a multi-stage approach
  2. Increments that take no account of the fitness of the individual (i.e. increments that are either too big or too small; e.g. Bruce treadmill test): how can a low level client perform well or even safely if they are exercising at intensities in their personal red zones…..or very fit clients who are exercising at levels that are too easy?
    • fit.test uses a Goldilocks individualised approach
  3. Increments based on heart rates or HR recovery methods (e.g. STEP tests): I took just 5 minutes to come up with 14 exceptions to heart rate methods of measuring fitness
    • fit.test caters for all HR responses to exercise, including arrhythmias: I will teach you how this works brilliantly!
  4. Submaximal versus maximal protocols: a test that expects the client to exercise up to maximal intensity will fail if the client stops early…..except for fit.test!
    • fit.test works with either submaximal or maximal efforts
  5. Complicated set-ups and equipment usage (e.g. shuttle or beep tests)
    • fit.test can use ANY of these standard pieces of gym equipment: treadmill, gym bike, almost any height step bench; and you only need ONE!
fit.test for estimating VO2max: left graph is for a submaximal intensity test and right graph is for a submaximal intensity test