fit.test: summary of what it does

fit.test: summary of what it does

fit.test is a powerful yet simple platform for exercise professionals to test VO2max

VO2max can be estimated on a cycle ergometer, treadmill or step bench

Hi, I am Steve Selig, founder of fit.test.  fit.test is a new web-based platform for exercise professionals who want to provide a premium service for their clients in the key area of aerobic fitness without the need for expensive technology. Fit.test uses your clients’ own real data, rather than relying on look up tables or loads of assumptions.

fit.test will take you to a whole new level of excellence that most other exercise professionals are not currently doing. I wrote fit.test for my own practice because there is nothing like it on the market and I stand behind my product 100%. The app will enable you to design an individualised exercise plan for each of your clients that provides for accuracy, safety, comfort and fitness benefits.

fit.test provides complete flexibility for VO2max testing

As you can see in the video above, fit.test offers complete flexibility in aerobic fitness testing and programming; the exercise professional controls the mode of exercise to be used to estimate VO2max, the starting intensity, the size of the progressions of a multi-stage test and the stopping intensity. Tests can either be submaximal or maximal and both will allow for the estimation of VO2max.

My first promise is that fit.test does what it says it does, no less and no more. It is an authentic scientifically-based product designed based on algorithms published by the American College of Sports Medicine.

My second promise to you is to support you for the whole of your subscription, not just when you first sign up. I am determined to build a community of users who will be able to reach me and exchange ideas with other users. I promise to respond personally to my subscribers who help on how to get better use of the app.

Welcome to fit.test and I know that you will get as much value out of the app as I do for my own practice.