Is the app available in app stores?

No. The app fit.test is a web-based app with this address: https://www.myfittest.com.au/


What are the best devices to use for fit.test?

Mac and PC operating systems on laptops, iPads, tablets and desktop computers.

The app is NOT designed for smartphones or other small screen devices because of the amount of detail displayed.


What are the best browsers to use for fit.test?

Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are the most compatible browsers.

Internet Explorer is NOT supported for fit.test.


When I input data into a test, there are no outputs displayed (calculated data or graphs).

Before entering exercise data, you need to enter the client’s weight, peak HR, rest HR and any other data requested at the top of the test. HR at rest is optional for most situations but is needed if you want to program your client using the %HRR method.

Next, start inputting exercise test data. When you have finished inputting test data, delete the unused rows. Remember to save the test when you have finished by clicking “Generate Test Report” at the bottom of the screen.


Can I edit test data BEFORE it is saved?

Yes. This includes all rows of test data, as well as the essential data at the top of the page (body weight, peak HR and resting HR). Once you are happy with the full data record, be sure to save it by clicking “Generate Test Report” at the bottom of the screen.


Can I edit test data AFTER it is saved?

No. But this may be a future option. If you have made an error in data entry for a test and then saved it, then currently you need to enter all of the test data again.


Can I edit client data at any time?

Yes once you open up the record for an existing client, you can edit the client’s details (name, date of birth, gender).


Can I delete a client from my database?

Yes. Select “View All Clients” from your main client menu and then you can delete a client. But remember that deleting a client will also delete ALL tests and programs that have been generated for that client. So take care when you decide to delete a client’s record from the database.


Which walk test option should I use?

Walk test with constant speed and increasing gradients: select Walk Test (uphill)

Walk test with increasing speeds and/or increasing gradients: select Run Test or Walk Test (flat)


Which walk program option should I use?

Select which of these is more appropriate to your client:

Walk Uphill programs (designed mainly for treadmill walking) or…

Run or Walk programs (designed for jogging and recreational walking, say in a park)