What is fit.test?

Developed by one of Australia’s leading exercise science authorities, this software provides simple and reliable estimations of VO2 Max to create individualised aerobic exercise sessions based on your client’s data.

The power of fit.test technology is at your finger tips.


Ability to customise your exercise testing or use published tests.

Much fewer assumptions and ‘look up tables’ compared to other apps.

Direct links from testing to programming.

14 different options for programming.

Perfect for pre and post testing.

Perfect for interval training and HIIT.

Personal support through use of software.

Provide a premium service to your clients for only $89 a year.


“I wrote the app for my own practice and produced excellent results – it is the first of its kind on the market and a product I believe in.” – Prof. Steve Selig


Our subscribers are exercise professionals who provide a premium service to their clients in the important area of individualised aerobic fitness and training. Although they may provide group exercise, all of their clients can get plans that are individually suited to each client.


Clients of our subscribers can be confident that they are receiving an exercise plan that is PRECISE, SAFE, COMFORTABLE, EFFECTIVE and EVIDENCE-BASED. Our subscribers use fit.test to report to both their clients and other exercise and health professionals

Hear what others have said

 “I strongly recommend fit.test to my colleague EPs who wish to advance the value of their assessments and exercise prescription.”

 “The fit.test program has been fantastic for me with clients of a variety of conditions.

 ” I highly recommend the fit.test and continue to use it regularly in clinical practice.

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