I have been performing a diversity of fitness tests, multi-staged, submaximal and maximal, for over 20 years. I have spent many hours making calculations and determining appropriate intensities and exercise loads to achieve the desired outcomes for each subject. It would be overwhelming to show all the work involved to prescribe exercise training as well as to provide comparative data to the patients and their clinicians.


This program has helped me immensely to save time and gain accuracy, as well as present the individual and comparative results in a very clear format. I strongly recommend fit.test to my colleague EPs who wish to advance the value of their assessments and exercise prescription.


The program can be used with every patient, from those with very limited mobility to elite performers, as it allows us to select standard tests or formulate individual most suitable protocols. Prof Selig has been always prompt addressing my queries and taking feedback to tune up technical details of the program.


I am using this program in private practice as well as in public health services, as a sole practitioner. I am happy to assist any colleague who wishes to discuss my experience using fit.test and is considering its’ suitability in their practice.



The fit.test program has been fantastic for me with clients of a variety of conditions. Being able to accurately measure VO2 Peak, and then prescribe an appropriate program based off their % of VO2 Peak is great to ensure that I can get an appropriate training response, as opposed to playing ‘guesswork with the intensity’.


Additionally, the ability to re-assess and get a more clinically appropriate, and more precise measurement ensures it is easier to measure change and progress in cardio respiratory fitness over time.

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fit.test is easy to use and an engaging way to help clients understand their own capacity. I love that I can give immediate, reliable and accurate results to my clients at the end of their assessment.



We have been using fit.test since it went live earlier in the year. Our team have had nothing but positive experiences for the use of initial  and re-assessments and has made individualised exercise prescription a breeze. It is extremely user friendly and the fit.test team are constantly improving the user experience. Highly recommend!



As a Deakin University alumni,  I have fortunately had access to this product for many years.  I have used the fit.test in clinical practice (private and public health settings) and clinical research. The fit.test provides a simple and effective way to gather important fitness-related information whilst administering sub-maximal exercise tests. It also saves time when generating individualised aerobic exercise training programs, as the testing data automatically generates based upon your proposed prescription.  The reports generated are extremely helpful when explaining the patients progress to clinicians. I highly recommend the fit.test and continue to use it regularly in clinical practice.